RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#725
  • Date:April 04, 2016
  • Run Time:1:17:13
  • Download: MP3


Livia Scott, Kevin Allison and John F. O'Donnell share stories of misdirection.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Don’t Move by Phantogram

Live Story: All That Jizz by Livia Scott

Interstitial: Where Did You Go? by Jets Overhead

Live Story: Curriculum Vitae by Kevin Allison

Song: Where I Belong by Bobby Bazini

Live Story: Mission Improbable by John F. O’Donnell

Song: A Little Less Conversation (Junkie XL Remix) by Elvis Presley


  1. TIL that there is more than one meaning of the word “chode”.

  2. Someone should ask the girl near the microphone if she knows how to say “yes”. I bet I know what she would say.

  3. That was indeed a vocal couple of audience members near the mics on Livia’s story. Then again, I’ll bet a lot of podcast listeners out there are saying, “Yes!” to various parts of that story this week as well.

    As for choad or chode, the kids in my old neighborhood used to say it described a penis that’s wider than it is long OR the perineum. Urban Dictionary also suggests it could mean “Justin Bieber.”

  4. “described a penis that’s wider than it is long OR the perineum.”

    Yes! I didn’t hear the former until college, however. The pink half-softball.

  5. Fuck everyone that’s saying Livia’s story sucks. A lot of people out there can relate to this and have had TOTAL repeats of what happened to her, happened to them. Myself included. She made a joke out of a painful situation that happens to a lot of us. It’s about time it’s recognized that a million of us have TOTALLY been in this situatiOn. Let the jizzes of the world be showcased !

  6. I LOVED Livia’s story and thought it was very funny and I loved the way she read his email. What is narcissistic about it? Can’t handle hearing a woman tell a story that mocks a man who treated her like garbage? All you haters you can suck on a chode!!

  7. Also, Steve from Blue’s Clues was perfectly well allowed to be unhappy with his career, no matter how rich he may have been, and did not deserve to be trashed on stage for it. That was a pointlessly low blow. Mocking somebody is not automatically “punching up” just because they live in an expensive apartment and are male.

  8. Well said, Jeff Q. Thank you.

  9. Livia Scott’s story left me asking myself some tough questions. I played the story for my wife and looked at her and said, “I was that guy when I met you.”
    She said, “I know baby but that was a long time ago and that’s not who you are now.”
    Kind wife… but ouch.

  10. I love this show!

    I thought Livia’s story was hilarious. This is my second time listening to it and it’s still as funny as it was the first time. I think the audience genuinely added to the story, especially that really keen lady going “YAASS!” – that was just making it funnier!

    I think many people, of all genders, can relate to coming across someone like “Jizz”, and I think she indirectly summed up how this can make the person on the receiving end of this behaviour feel, whilst keeping the story fun and interesting.

    And Sheryl, Sandberg, what do you mean “Women aren’t funny.” !? That’s hilarious, you should be a comedienne.

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