RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#214
  • Date:April 20, 2011
  • Run Time:1:04:29
  • Download: MP3


Michael Ian Black and Brown University faculty members Connie Crawford and Deak Nabers share stories of enlightenment. Music by Colin Meloy and Dan Rosen.

Storytelling Credits

“The Heavies”- Connie Crawford
“George”- Deak Nabers
“The Ring of Fire”- Michael Ian Black

Music Credits

“R-I-S-K”- Dan Rosen
“Dancing Tiger”- Damscray
“Staying Alive in the Wall (Part 1)”- Wax Audio
“The Rules of Reading”- Jeff Barr (sound collage)
“Staying Alive in the Wall (Part 2)”- Wax Audio
“Sorry”- Comfort Fit
“Wonder”- Colin Meloy
“A Sound Game”- Jeff Barr (sound collage)
“Herve Villechaize Plays the Organ”- G.G. Allin’s Dick
“Learn a Lesson”- Pablo
“Dick ‘n Balls”- Jeff Barr (sound collage)


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