Stories about jj evans

Scary Stories #13: BLOODCURDLING!

Song: The Long Pit of Burning Worms by Jeff Barr Song: Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand Radio Anecdote: Who’s Calling? by Amalie Interstitial: Etta’s Scary Story by JJ Evans Radio Anecdote: Daughter by Juliette Steele Interstitial: The Deadly Fish by Vincent Price … Continue reading →

Scary Stories 12: AIEEE!

Song: RISK! Theme by Olivia Oyama and Jeff Barr Song: Rosemarys Baby by Fantomas Livestream Story: The Thumping by Kathleen Volk Miller Song: Haunted House by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons InterstitialHold On Just A Little Longer, Shirley by JJ Evans Radio Anecdote: … Continue reading →

Scary Stories 10: Gadzooks!

Song: Halloween Risk Theme by Jeff Barr and Colin Clive Song: Boo! Bitch! by Kim Petras Live Story: The Driving Dead by Sam Mullins Interstitial: For Internal Use Only by MetroVancouver Radio Story: Plagued by Ryan Estrada Song: The Boogie … Continue reading →

Holiday Stories 10

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker SongThe Christmas Waltz by The Boy Least Likely To Live Story: The Doves of Christmas by Cyndi Freeman Interstitial: NocheBuena by JJ Evans Radio Story: Snowglobe by Kevin Bohl Interstitial: Bing Bells … Continue reading →

Scary Stories 9: Muahaha!

Song: RISK! MASH! by Jeff Barr and Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers Song: The Munsters Theme by Los Straitjackets Live Story: Lady in the Room by Robin Reiser Interstitial: Is This Scary? by JJ Evans and Jeff Barr Radio … Continue reading →