Stories about elna baker


Storytelling Credits “Ram Tough”- Matt McCarthy “Dog Days”- Elna Baker “The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey”- Victor Varnado “Goin’ To The Festival”- Lee Camp Music Credits “Risk Taking Man”- Alec Gross “Raining Blood”- Retrigger “Fordham Fight Song”- The RH College Glee Club … Continue reading →

Spiritual Breakthroughs and Breakdowns

Storytelling Credits “That Old Time Religion” – Robert Ben Garant “In the Name of the Father” – David Ellis Dickerson “Hi, God” – Elna Baker “Godspell” – Kevin Allison Music Credits Roosevelt Dime The Bow Keys “Glass Work” – David … Continue reading →

Sneaky Choices

Storytelling Credits “The Thief of Time” – John Flynn “The Icky Dance” – Elna Baker “Wet Dream” – Leo Allen “The Replay” – Janeane Garofalo Music Credits Worm Burner Marshall York and Leslie Collins Alec Gross

Why Did I Do That?

Storytelling Credits “Cruel To Be Kissed” – Adam Wade “No Offense To Gary’s” – Andrea Rosen “The Snow Queen” – Elna Baker “Solitary Man” – Greg Walloch Music Credits Jesse Krakow Jordan Cooper

Full Disclosure

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker Song: People Everywhere (Still Alive) by Khruangbin Live Story: To Russia With Love by Elna Baker Interstitial: I’m a Mormon by Janeen Brady and the Brite Singers Radio Story: Shaking by Elliot … Continue reading →