Welcome to the soft launch of RISKOPEDIA! The next time you wonder, “What was that story I once heard on the podcast about a psychic or mistaken identity or poop or from an Asian storyteller?” you can head right here and (once it’s complete) quickly click your way to that elusive story. Eventually, every story that has ever appeared on the RISK! podcast will have its own page, with a synopsis, relevant keywords, and a timecode telling you precisely where to find that story in its original episode.


Through the RISKOPEDA!, you can also submit your own synopsis for any of the hundreds of stories featured on the podcast, and offer corrections or additional keywords. Many of the synopses and keywords have already been filled out, but we welcome your suggestions and invite you to submit your own. At the bottom of every story page is a link that says “Help out the show by submitting a synopsis, correction or keyword.” Fill out that form and the RISK! staff will consider your suggestions and let you know when any story pages have been updated.


Since this is a soft launch, we also would love feedback on the RISKOPEDIA! itself. If you encounter any problems or would like to make suggestions (even about this very page!), please send them to contactus@risk-show.com.

Six Stories In Search Of a Synopsis

These stories could use your help! Click on one, have a listen, and submit your own synopsis along with any keywords you think may help people find this story in the future.

One of the Best

Here’s one of our very favorite RISK! stories. Reload the page for another one!

Keyword Kickoff

Not sure where to start? Try this brilliant keyword on for size: