Hey kids! If our Music episode did the trick to get your mojo workin’, then have we got something that’s sure to get an epic solo wailing on the electric guitar strings of your heart. Feast your eyes on this smidgen of straight up video charm from the lovely Elna Baker.

Miss Baker’s recent story “Like A Virgin” from the RISK! episode “Faked” lit up the laugh-o-meter with mormon sex, blowjob cherries and Siberian parents. If you missed it, give it a listen here. And if it left you wanting more, don’t fret. We’ll feed you, baby birds. Here’s a link to the Glamour article that starts off our story, “Yes, I’m a 27 Year Old Virgin,” and the thrilling conclusion “Guess What? I’m Not A Virgin Anymore!” And of course, you should definitely check out Elna Baker’s Website if you want to find out more.

Alright, that’s all she wrote, folks. Today’s the day. Perhaps it’s time to kiss that charming mail man with the Tom Selleck mustache. Or maybe it’s time to overcome your fear of ponies, so you can get up there and ride. Make it happen. Get out there and take a risk!

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