Casual Sex?


Episode #632

Date May 04, 2015

Run Time 58:43

Kate Willett, Sandra Elliot and Shannon Cason share stories about sex that was supposed to be no big deal, but then was.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Lovely Allen by Holy Fuck

Live Story: Plan C by Kate Willett

Interstitial: Violent Erection by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Opening Up by Sandra Elliot

Song: Somebody Else by The Wet Spots

Live Story: If A Tree Falls in the Woods by Shannon Cason

Song: The Fall by Rhye



Download: MP3

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9 years ago

You are all horrible, nasty people.

9 years ago

Hey great show! – but there appears to be an editing error at 12:04 through the 13 minute mark. There’s a huge gap of silence there. Just wanted to let you know.

9 years ago

Yeah, it cuts out in the middle of Kate’s story there. 🙁

Your NameMaria
9 years ago

I think “someone” is very very jealous.

9 years ago

Yipes! Huge egg on my face! Sorry gang! It’s fixed now! Re-download to complete your RISK! collection!

-your humble, but human RISK! editor, Jeff

9 years ago

Hey Dan and Jobim. Thanks so much for pointing that out! Hugely helpful. Re-download and the gap should be fixed now.

9 years ago

I like being a horrible, nasty person 🙂

9 years ago

Oh, someone. Speak for yourself. I love all of these horrible, nasty people. I want to be friends with each and every single one of them and make them brownies.

9 years ago

Plan C is one of the best stories I’ve heard on here.

9 years ago

Sandra –
Your Nick is almost an exact copy of mine. I could have sworn that story was a copy of my life, except mine is not bi (his sister is).

8 years ago

Sandra, your story inspires me to test the social norms of relationships. As we are all different, your marriage wouldn’t work for everyone but what is so inspiring is how you two really figured out what worked for you both. A true testament of love and understanding!

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