Close Encounters of the Second Part


Episode #1423

Date March 14, 2023

Run Time 56:19

In the second of two back-to-back episodes, Bella Clarke tells ufologist David J. Halperin her story about wrestling with the certainty of witnessing a UFO.

Song: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind by Gil Ventura

Radio Story: I Want To Believe by Bella Clarke

Conversation: The Ufologist & The Experiencer (David J. Halperin, Bella Clarke, and Cyndi Freeman)

Song: Song From “Buck Rogers” (Suspension) by Stu Phillips, Glenn A Larson, and Kipp Lennon

Song: Theme from ‘Close Encounters’ by Meco


See David J. Halperin’s further exploration of Bella’s “I Want To Believe” in his article, “‘Close Encounters’ – the UFO, the Dreams, the River.”

Download: MP3

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12 days ago

I was so distracted by the music over her story.

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