Out of Bounds


Episode #844

Date August 14, 2017

Run Time 1:13:14

Our 350th episode. Kevin checks in about the state of the union. Then Rocky Wing, Dave Terruso and Donna Bailey share about an illicit romance, some iffy priests, and a Margot who had no time for silent t’s.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Push Push by Herbie Mann & Duane Allman

Live Story: Second Coming by Rocky Wing

Interstitial: Excerpt from Cry Danger (1951)

Live Story: I Confess by Dave Terruso

Song: Genghis Khan by Miike Snow

Live Story: The Player by Donna Bailey

Song: Vim and Vigor by Carsie Blanton



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6 years ago

Rocky- i love your courage in sharing this story! Thank you

Jesse Wright
6 years ago

Sorry about the intolerance, Kevin. I know how it can be–everyone who hates will write in and complain and those of us who love the shows just keep on listening and maybe don’t write in much.

Well, not this week. Your program is great and you bring a lot of joy and love with each episode. Keep on making them!

6 years ago

Donna Bailey! What a great, smart story, well-told.

6 years ago

Just got done listening to Rocky’s story. Not to my taste – it was rather weirdly cloying (my LOOOVE) – but hey, kudos, quite an achievement!

6 years ago

Are we supposed to feel bad or happy for Rocky? If he would’ve done this the ACTUAL right way and divorced his wife before banging this chick, the life consequences might not have been as severe. Also, the church called this girls parents? How old was she?!

He just sounds kind of gross. He says of his mistress, “She was the first woman I gave the key to my soul to,”…maybe that’s why your wife didn’t want you touching her, guy.

6 years ago

I have no idea whether this is true or not, but allegedly (according to someone who commented on The Mystery Box’s Youtube video of Rocky’s story) Ari was 17 when she and Rocky started their relationship. I’m not passing judgment–underage 17 is a lot different from underage 15–but it does seem like mentioning her age should have been a part of the “coming clean” process.

6 years ago

Rocky did mention that his new girlfriend was in college and living with her parents. I’m happy he found love but I can’t hear a story about a man cheating on his wife with someone who’s barely an adult (assuming the reports on her age are true) without being squicked out.

6 years ago

Kevin: Great opening monologue. I was so entranced I didn’t even realize I had completely stopped working and was just sitting there frozen with my hands on the keyboard! Amen, brother…amen.

6 years ago

Ya’ll can’t be serious. A woman is definitely allowed to say no when she doesn’t feel like having sex and shouldn’t feel bad about it. But 6 years?! That’s not even a marriage anymore. I’m impressed he even waited that long. Maybe he should have just divorced her first, but as you can tell by his story, he was very conflicted due to the church. He’s allowed to be happy and find someone that makes him happy. Too many religious nuts choose the church and a God that doesn’t exist over living their lives

6 years ago

Kevin, you do an awesome job producing this one of a kind podcast! I look forward to listening each week. I’ve never commented before but I’m a huge fan of the podcast and it annoys me that you have haterz, so I figured I should shed some positivity. You are such a good natured person and I respect your views. Keep up the great work buddy! 🙂

Maybe someday I can tell one of my stories on Risk. #dream

Moloch Masters
6 years ago

That opening monologue is so good. Donna, that was beautiful. I am so glad I got to hear about Margot.

I Call Bull...winkle
6 years ago

I know that Risk! doesn’t like getting hate mail, and neither do the storytellers….I know that every story has pieces that have to be left out for time and focus, and that this is a chance for people to tell THEIR own story, not the fair, unbiased, democratic story of all the characters. And this isn’t hate mail, believe me.

But wow, Rocky Wing’s story raises red flags for me like nobody’s business.

First of all, he seems to want praise and admiration for allowing his (nameless!!!) wife to say no to sex through her pregnancy and post-birth…this after having fathered four kids (none of which he ever mentions, or being a father to them, or loving them, or anything else that indicates parenthood). Like, really? You want a medal for restraining your dick so your wife can deal with giving birth and being a mom? Sorry, dude. That’s not an extra gold star, that’s called “basic humanity.”

Second, I’m just gonna put it out there that if a woman is saying “No” to her husband, there’s probably a reason. It’s probably not chance or random. Especially for six years. And when I hear this guy not even deign to give his wife a name (even a fake one for the story) or talk about any other aspect of their relationship – not one good or kind word about her or her life or who she is to create, like, some kind of fairness regarding who might be to blame for this breakdown, I start to think that there must be more to this story that we’re NOT hearing. There must be more truth here. Another side.

Women like sex. A woman who’s married isn’t saying no to her husband for fun. She’s saying no for a reason.

One reason could be that this isn’t the first time Rocky has cheated. Another reason could be — oh yeah. Rocky’s a cheater.

It’s not difficult to get a divorce before you go cheating on your wife, Rocky. Pastors aren’t priests. They’re allowed to get divorced. This entire story is a man giving us effusive, heartwrenching reasons that he’s not to blame for lying, being dishonest, hurting his wife and kids, and justifying having an affair with a girl half his age who still lives with her parents. I don’t think Rocky’s wife was holding him hostage, refusing to give him his freedom to be with someone else. It is, however, not uncommon for CLERGYMEN to refuse to give their WIVES a divorce, so they can save face and be the perfect Christian family in front of the congregation.

Obviously we don’t know. I just know that this story made me feel really really icky and on edge and deeply uncomfortable. I felt lied to, and manipulated. And at the very least, I feel as though feminism and “women are actually people” never came to touch Rocky’s corner of the world.

6 years ago

Donna Bailey’s is a beautiful story. Thank you!

6 years ago

Middle-aged preacher leaves wife and kids for (much) younger girl from his congregation. Did I miss anything?

Your Name
6 years ago

Wow, RISK giving a platform to a glorified statutory rapist who sold his wife and daughters up a river to do “sexy” laundry??? Rocky Wing wants the attention and listener empathy, without getting real w who he is and what he did. Any female w a man like this in her past, could tell you this tone deaf, rapey whitewash is NOT the real story.

Wendy Free
6 years ago

Kevin, your intro to this episode inspired me to become a Risk Patreon supporter. Love you, love your work! Thank you!!!!

6 years ago

What is the point of Rocky’s story? Are we supposed to be sad for him? To Rocky: congrats on cheating on your wife, the mother of your children, with a 17 year old girl. You sound like a low quality person.

The Wiz
6 years ago

Some day that “sole mate” of Rocky’s is going to wake up and when she does she’s going to realize that she was manipulated into a sexual relationship with a man who had power over her, was half her age and a pedophile. When she does, she will despise him!

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