Episode #1338

Date July 11, 2022

Run Time 40:00

Dani Faith Leonard and Bryan Kett share stories about pleasures and pains of the penile varitey.

Song: RISK! Theme Cover (High on Honky Tonk) by Freddy Morris

Song: Diskdusk by Mouse on Mars

Live Story: I Saw The Peen by Dani Faith Leonard

Song: Detachable Penis by King Missile

Interstitial: All That She Wants Is to See a Penis by John LaSala, Taj Easton and Hope Brush

Live Story: You’re In Luck by Bryan Kett

Song: Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers



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1 year ago

Oh. My. God. Bryan, two weeks ago I had to work an extra shift because a co-worker got the plague and the entire week, through all of the bullshit of the holiday weekend, I thought I had the worst UTI ever. I literally pissed blood for 24 hours. Then, a week ago, in the middle of my shift, I passed three stones. There was one large (to my eyes) stone the was triangular (TRIANGULAR!!!) and two small ones. I remember the feeling of relief at passing them and the excruciating pain and the cognitive dissonance of passing a solid where solids should not be passed. Once I finished and collected myself and I asked my co-worker, off duty and tipsy at this point, to cover for me because I needed to collect myself for a bit. When I told her why, her eyes nearly popped from her head and she flew out of her chair and covered the bar. Fifteen minutes and a couple of smokes later, I was back behind the bar. But I’m right there with you—stones are no joke!!!

Though the resultant story can be hilarious.

Thank you for yours!

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