RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#320
  • Date:March 08, 2012
  • Run Time:1:06:53
  • Download: MP3

What’s Going On?!

Helen Hong, Steve Agee, Chris Castiglione, Mike Amato and Elise Pettus come face to face with their own cluelessness.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner & John Sondericker

Song: Bollywood Blades by Professor Kliq

Live Story: The Fountain of Youth by Helen Hong

Song: Lo Que Me Gusta Del Verano Es Poder Tomar Helado by Papa Topo

Radio Story: Don’t Treat Your Dick Like a Dishrag! by Chris Castiglione

Song: Pelican by The Maccabees

Live Story: La Promesa by Steve Agee

Song: One Foot by Fun.

Song: What’s Going On? by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: Strangers in the Night by Elise Pettus

Song: Ding-a-Dong by Teach In

Song: Just Don’t Get It by Gel Sol and Jeff Barr

Live Story: Dick, Hymen and the Jewass by Mike Amato

Song: Dream On by Noel Gallagher 


  1. Twin Peaks fans, are we? 😉

    It’s available on Netflix streaming right now in case you need a nostalgia boost.

    Another great episode, thanks Kev&Co.!

  2. Mat,

    I love that someone caught that. When I heard Elise’s story in class, I thought, oh this is David Lynch territory! Lumber Lane? Her best friend was named Mousey? And why was the first person she encountered dressed like a monk?!


  3. Don’t know what I would do without the RISK Pod cast there is nothing like it out there. I have been telling stories all my life but I have never found a show or pod cast that keeps it as real as RISK. RISK presents stories as they exist and would be told in the real world warts and all. I just hope that the day will come when I can share my own, at least now I am motivated to tell stories I would never tell in mixed company as Kevin would say. Despite being Black, heterosexual and 53, I wish I could be like Kevin when I grow up, he has at least 3 pair of balls. Please come back to North Carolina….PLEASE

  4. Just like Mike Amato..I am not Jewish but I am enraptured with Jewish Men. They aren’t “cheap” they just spend their money in all the right places and save on the everyday nonsense. They know how to treat a woman and are exceptionally giving in bed. Educated and naturally savvy, if you find a good one hang on tight. Shiksa for life!

  5. Great episode!

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