Animal Wild


Episode #CRE120

Date June 30, 2010

Run Time 53:26

A Classic RISK! episode from our first two years! In our Twentieth episode, Smith Galtney, Beowulf Jones, Adam Griffin, Rachel Wecht and Starr Kendall tell tales of man and beast.

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Storytelling Credits

“Breakfast” – Rachel Wecht
“Fantasy Farm” – Adam Griffin
“Albolene & Kate” – Smith Galtney
“The Cat Bully” – Starr Kendall
“Best Friends” – Beowulf Jones

Music Credits

“Risk 1” – Wormburner
“Hannibal Mop” – Vernon Lenoir
“Animal Wild” – Victoria Williams
“Hawk and Mouse” – Nathan & Joe
“The Snake” – Soce the Elemental Wizard
“Animal Hop Remix” – Cowcube
“And Also” – Nathan & Joe
“Raised in a Zoo” – Hailey Wojcik
“Beast of Joy” – Rodeo Ruby Love
“Animal Wild” – Shudder to Think

Additional Music Credits

Jeff Mercel
Ellen Clegg
Laura Barrett
Twi the Humble Feather
Jorge Antunes
Dave Merson Hess



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3 years ago

I’ve been listening toRisk for quite awhile. I have all but stopped listening. All the production is so distracting and has made the show less than enjoyable. So disappointing!

All the best
Bummed out fan

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