Celebrate RISK!’s 15th anniversary in Portugal in October 2024!

      Folks, we have something brand new, super fun, and unlike anything we’ve ever done before to offer to our fans this year. It’s an invitation to have an unforgettable travel adventure through Portugal with RISK!’s host, Kevin Allison, RISK!’s producer, JC Cassis, and a small group of RISK! fans from around the world! Proceeds from the trip will help keep RISK! going, and people who come on the trip will receive expert storytelling training from Kevin and JC.


      How did this happen? A RISK! listener named Ryan Opaz runs a travel business based in Portugal called Catavino Tours. Ryan curates beautiful travel experiences focusing on fantastic food, wine and sightseeing, and meeting fascinating locals who share their stories. Ryan reached out to us and offered to put together a 9-day adventure in Portugal for Kevin, JC and up to 20 RISK! fans, which will include a 3-day segment at the end during which up to 30 more RISK! fans can join us for our big 15th anniversary party.


      We accepted Ryan’s offer, so this is your chance to have a fabulous vacation with Kevin, JC and your fellow RISK! fans while celebrating the show’s 15th anniversary.  The trip will also serve as an impactful and effective fundraiser for RISK!, as a portion of the proceeds from the trip will go towards keeping RISK! going.


      Come with us to see Lisbon, Porto, and so much more. We’ll have incredible meals together and see the wine country, meet the vintners and local legends, be part of a James Bond-style adventure for a day, and share stories amongst ourselves. Each person who attends the 9-day trip (October 25-November 3) will have plenty of time to spend getting to know Kevin, JC and everyone else on the trip in small groups and all together. Each participant will also get time to practice their storytelling skills and receive direct feedback and guidance from Kevin and JC on their storytelling content and delivery, so this trip will be a great opportunity to have fun while developing important communication skills.  People who attend the final 3-days of the trip (October 31-November 3) will also have a wonderful time eating, sightseeing and partying with us. It’ll be a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget, so we hope you can join us! 


      Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome on this trip, and participants can come alone or with friends. If you know someone who loves trips like this, encourage them to grab a spot! 


9-day Trip Dates: October 25-November 3, 2024

3-day Trip Dates: October 31-November 3, 2024


      To learn more about this trip and possibly join us on it, click the “Learn More” button below. If you have questions about the trip, please email ryan@catavino.net or kevin@risk-show.com and we’ll tell you anything you need to know.


      If you have any trouble accessing the itinerary or with anything else, please reach out to kevin@risk-show.com and we’ll help you out!

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