Beyond Kink Camp, Pt. 1

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12 years ago

Just when I thought I heard it all from Kevin, he springs this one on me! An exciting, ribald, and surprisingly beautiful story from the Risk man himself! Thanks for sharing!

Chris Hare
12 years ago

A wonderful follow-up to Kevin’s two-part “Kevin Goes to Kink Camp”–this story is a beautiful story beautifully told. It is an honor to get to witness Kevin’s explorations into the world of BDSM and his descriptions of the headspace of a sub are thoughtful and achingly profoud. Can’t wait for more!

Henry Plant
12 years ago

Kevin- you rock the casbah at churning out entertaining stories! keep it coming!

Ann Bassano
12 years ago

Kevin, you constantly amaze me. How can a story about kinky sex end up being so poignant? Thanks for the podcast and for giving me something to think about at work.
By the way, you did my voicemail message and everyone thinks you’re my husband. Sorry ’bout that, I gotta school these folks!

12 years ago

I’ve heard all of the Risk episodes to date, and this was the best one yet! I was really drawn into the experience and glad that you shared this joyful journey with us.

12 years ago

This is so astoundingly beautiful. This show is about opening in so many ways. Thanks Kevin!

Kimberly Nguyen
12 years ago

Favorite story I’ve heard from you yet! Such a gorgeous story of kindness and heart in unconventional places. Thank you so much for sharing this. Fan for life!

12 years ago

Cannot believe how astoundingly honest this story was. Thanks, Kevin.

12 years ago

This was such a wonderful story. I listened to it yesterday and then had to listen to it again today. Thank you so much Kevin! I can’t wait for part 2!

12 years ago

I LOVE the song Sexual High from part 2. I think it’s SO SEXY. I’ve been digging deep into google to try and find a site to download it… the best I’ve found is myspace :(. Not giving up yet! (ps. I listened to this podcast at the gym tonight and it kept me sweatin’)

12 years ago

(found it). oh happy day!

12 years ago

Hi Kevin Excellent work. What I like the most is I now have a better upctire in my mind as to what you look like, your voice and who you are. I’ve set up a page on the wiki to add the videos and photos. Photos will automatically be brought by RSS provided we have everyone use the tag comment08. Probably best if we get each person to embed their videos unless you can think of a better solution? It would be good if everyone in the Challenge upload a photo to Flickr because we will be able to create a slideshow from it. The videos are the absolute best because they enhance community building. Bonnie you could use CamStudio to capture the screen (it’s free). Video I use my digital camera set to video and then edit in MovieMaker to compress.

Kevin Allison
12 years ago

Claudia, say what? I think you meant to send that message to my email address? Not sure you’re talking about this episode…?

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