RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#CRE109
  • Date:January 26, 2010
  • Run Time:1:15:09
  • Download: MP3

Breaking the Rules

A Classic RISK! episode from our first two years! In our ninth episode, Christian Finnegan, Kevin Allison, Zak Orth, Melanie Hamlett and Faye Lane share stories of going beyond lawfulgalities.

Storytelling Credits

“The Ignacio Imbroglio”- Melanie Hamlett
“Sex, Drugs, and Purple Rain”- Christian Finnegan
“Smashing Pumpkins”- Kevin Allison
“Crimes & Misdemeanors”- Zak Orth
“Devil’s Food”- Faye Lane

Music Credits

“Frisk”- David Buchs
“Death to Vivek”- The Happy Hollows
“Girls Like Guys”- Matt Cheplic
“We Will Find You”- The Happy Hollows
“Metal Risk”- Dan Rosen
“Risk It”- Stuckey & Murray
“Tell Somebody”- Andrew Burnes and J. Walter Hawkes


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