Brutal Youth


Episode #344

Date September 14, 2012

Run Time 60:30

In our 100th episode, we look back at some of the funniest moments of the series so far. Plus new stories of growing pains by Seth Morris, Helen Hong, Kumail Nanjiani and Pete Holmes.



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Phillip Harris
11 years ago

Wow Kevin, I was throughly enjoying the stories here. I thought it was hilarious. Until I got about 30 minutes into the audio track. Although, intellectually – I know it’s comedy and it’s supposed be absurd and funny. I felt crushed by the performers use of African American males to convey the impact of her parents discontent after they found her cigarettes. Specifically, the comparison of being a crack wh*re and sucking black c*ck. Wow, that is rough, to think that people actually see black men in such a repulsive light is very disturbing. I consider myself well educated and able to edit specific instances of social stigma to extract the value here. However in this instance, I find myself compelled to state the fact that even though this is performance it does have some bearing on how people see African American males as a whole and the inherent biases perpetuated by performances and media statements such as these. In other words even though it’s said in jest it still resonates with the listener on a subconscious level and informs future decisions about Black Men and their sexuality. Being a black man, I’d be remise if I didn’t say it makes me feel bad about myself and somewhat inferior – which is what her statements where ment to convey. Just something, I think you should be aware of.

11 years ago


Kevin Allison
11 years ago


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings so eloquently. I certainly wouldn’t argue with your point, because I cringed when I heard that phrase the first time I listened to the recording, and felt what you’re describing. Then I stupidly forgot about it and sent the MP3 to my editor for inclusion in the episode without further review. In Helen’s defense, to some extent at least, I think she was referring in an abstract way to the stereotypical associations that folks of her parent’s generation might make, not her own point of view.

In any case, I have now trimmed that phrase out of the episode. So thanks for calling that out. It was a good call.

11 years ago

I’m not black but I still can see why Phillip is upset by this. But I have judgement and i can see that if somebody talks this way about blacks I can also undestand that they are wrong and are not on the brightest side.

But one thing I like about Risk is that the people tell their stories in the most natural and honest way. I heard stuff that made me almost puke, revolted me, made me cry, made me laught to tears, made me laught of shame by compassion and some stuff that just fucked my brain. But all these emotions brings me back to Risk. It’s like a salad of emotions, each bite is different and sometimes we might even bite in a dusty, unwashed, lettuce leaf. If you start taking off some things that shocks one or an other there will be no end to this. I like to believe that Risk trust their listeners judgement and good will and let them see by themselves who’s wrong or not. But thanks Phillip for sharing your thoughts about how you felt. It’s always good to walk in someone else’s shoes for a minute or two.
Have a good day.
And don’t forget we are here to …. TAKE A RISK!

Sophie Muguette, Montréal, Québec, Canada.
N’oubliez pas… prendre un Risk.

11 years ago

The snippet at 37:38 (the one about the guy grabbing the storyteller’s fat while fucking)…what story/episode is that from?

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