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  • Episode:#343
  • Date:September 06, 2012
  • Run Time:29:08
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How Can I Tell You?

Susan Kent tells how, as a teenager, she hid her pregnancy from her mother.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: If by Broke for Free

Radio Story: How Can I Tell You? by Susan Kent (Music by Ramona Falls)

Song: Evert’s Song by Little Gang


  1. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your story! There are so many things to be learned from your journey! Small town America has some great things to offer but then there is “what will people say” mentality that causes more harm than any action. My story isn’t the same but the destructive actions I truly understand. Again thank you for your voice…that of a small town Southern girl just wanting out.

  2. Wow… To be so young and yet so strong. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

  3. Wild story. It took a lot of guts to share.

  4. Speechless … I’m in admiration of your strength to prevail and your courage to share this story with the world. Thank you Susan.

  5. ballsy stuff. both the event and the telling of it. (when you mentioned tifton as the nearest “big town” i laughed quite a bit)

  6. Hi guys –

    Thanks so much for all the kind words. I’m really touched by the support and was so honored to be able to share the story with you. At the time, it didn’t feel like anything good would come out of it, but I really am grateful for the experience.

    … and for getting the hell out of South Georgia where, yes, Tifton, home of the ABAC Rodeo Team, was the “big town” because they had a mall.


  7. Love your cadence. Thanks so much for sharing this story. Keep telling.

  8. What a powerful and harrowing story. The image of your teenage self laboring alone… afraid to wake the house… then your mother’s refusal to take you to the closer hospital… and you so terrorized that you couldn’t speak against it… there are no words. It breaks the heart. I’m so sorry you had to go through that alone. I’m so, so happy for you that you got away.

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