By Chance


Episode #1131

Date May 04, 2020

Run Time 1:01:05

Navaris Darson, Elizabeth Willis, Dana Gould, Vic Kraler and Richard Cardillo share stories about surprising developments.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Time To Do Your Thing by Eddie Harris

Live Story: Fantasy Guy by Navaris Darson

Radio Anecdote: The Unlikeliest of Friends by Elizabeth Fleur

Live Story: For Better, For Worse by Dana Gould

Song: In a World of My Own (with Duchess) by Kat Edmonson

Radio Anecdote: Even Now by Vic Kraler

Livestream Story: The Gift of Bread by Richard Cardillo

Song: T. Total Tommy by Mickey Newbury

Download: MP3

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2 years ago

Is there any way that you can make your music playlist available on one format? You mentioned a Spotify playlist that a friend had made for you that consisted of some pretty deep dives of kind of obscure artist, I’m interested in something off the beaten trail.

2 years ago

Thank you, “Bread man”, for such a touching story. I am terribly sorry for your loss….

2 years ago

I can’t find the Spotify playlists mentioned. I’ve searched through the Monica Lynch’s and Smith Galtny available.
Can you please post a link to the playlists??

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