Episode #503

Date October 21, 2013

Run Time 55:54

Janine Latus, Scott Whitney and Dan Telfer tell stories about brushes with madness that left scars.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Ode to a Baby Snowstorm by Ghostly Dust Machine

Radio Story: Revelations by Scott Whitney

Live Story: Boots on the Ground by Dan Telfer

Song: Fight for Everyone by The Leisure Society

Radio Story: If I Am Missing or Dead by Janine Latus

Song: Goodbye by Patty Griffin



Download: MP3

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D. F.
10 years ago

This episode made me cry, specifically Scott Whitney’s story.

I too am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Scott was able to verbalize EVERYTHING that I have felt my entire life: the doubt, the existential dilemmas, the nagging fear of not being sure and whether or not I’m willing to give up a community that I was raised in. I honestly felt, and sometimes do still feel like I’m alone in how I feel, because I thought there couldn’t be anyone else in this religion who would understand where I was coming from.

Thank you, Scott, for telling your story, and letting someone like me know that I am not alone.

10 years ago

Wow, much like D.F., I too was touched by Scott’s story. Been a JW most of my life, and in my 30’s I started to have doubts. In fact, I was just talking with my wife today about how I needed some validation for my feelings, as let’s face it, these doubts aren’t going to be something you can just go into the Kingdom Hall and chat openly about. I’ve wrestled with them for a few years now. Then we go into our next job, I throw on the mp3 player, and Scott’s story is the first that I hear. Yep, on the car ride to the job I’m stating my need for validation, and boom!, there it is. I couldn’t have said some of the things better myself.

Thanks for sharing your story Scott, and yours too D.F. You are NOT alone in how you feel, in fact it was nice to come here and see your post. To take it even further in my day of first hearing the podcast at just the right time, I came here (have never visited here before) and saw your comment D.F. How about that?

I guess my only words of “wisdom” to both of you is to encourage you not to give up on God just because you see things that don’t quite fit in the organization that lays claim to truth. Look at God’s people throughout history in the Bible, and you’ll quickly see that the Israelites were a mess. The first century congregation was a mess. And despite everyone’s best effort to paint JW’s as this cut above organization, and despite some excellent work that is done therein, it is also a mess in its own way. We just expect more because it is portrayed as so different. I’m sure that the Israelites would have portrayed themselves much the same. So, I’m learning to separate the two somewhat, God and those that follow him aren’t one and the same, kind of a “the views and expressions here are not necessarily endorsed by the actual God that these people claim to follow” type of disclaimer. Heck, I’ve seen too much in my life not to believe in God by things that were done personally for me. Just stumbling upon this podcast right when I wanted some validation to not feel alone, and then coming here tonight and seeing this comment, is enough to show me that there is a God that is helping me, so I can’t discount him. It is those claiming to be his people that I have to realize are doing so as best as they can, but like any imperfect organization and like those that followed him of old, there are lots of problems that are often overlooked. Still, they don’t discount the doctrinal truths that we’ve come to learn, they just detract in our emotions and such because of the way the organization is portrayed internally as almost being above reproach.

I truly wish you both peace, and thank you for bringing some into my life by your honest expressions. I think if everyone was open and honest, you’d find many more similar stories.


9 years ago

Janine’s story made me cry… So powerful

9 years ago

RE: boots to the ground
running away can be an act of bravery, too. that can be something to be proud of, too.

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