Dear Old Dad


Episode #1144

Date August 03, 2020

Run Time 1:16:33

On July 30th, Kevin’s father passed away. On this week’s episode, while Kevin is back home in Ohio, we look back at some of our favorite stories about fathers, with RISK!’s business director, JC Cassis, hosting.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: When the Saints Go Marchin’ In by The Dukes of Dixieland

Live Story: The Exhibitionist by Kevin Allison

Song: Father, Son by Peter Gabriel

Radio Story: The Voice by Colleen Hindsley

Radio Story: But Now I See by Shen Wei

Song: Dog Physics by Ings

Live Story: Marilyn by Zerman Zane (aka Ernest Anfin)

Song: Color Him Father by The Winstons



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3 years ago

Kevin, if you read this, many condolences. I love Risk and your stories, your hosting on the show, and most of all your kind heart that you share with us every week. I’m very sad for you and I wish you peace and comfort. Lots of love and virtual hugs!

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