Episode #1138

Date June 22, 2020

Run Time 1:04:04

Kai Choyce, Cody Hom, Oz du Soleil and Judith Hertog share true stories about nightmare roommates, racist nicknames, Navy memories and the significance of kneeling.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Around The Sun (Body Music Remix) by Poolside & Amo Amo with Xavier

Live Story: Felix Gets It by Kai Choyce

Radio Anecdote: I Was An Entire Country For A Year by Cody Hom

Song: Superbike by Jay Som

Radio Story: Rhythm and Blues by Oz du Soleil

Livestream Story: The Greatest Nation by Judith Hertog

Song: You’re Not Alone by Our Native Daughters



Download: MP3

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3 years ago

To Judith Hertog, thank you for your rebel spirit! Please know that you are not alone in your burning desire for a more just society, in your double-minded desire to both go along and get along or the inner silently screaming need for others to find their bravery and voices. There are many in lonely isolation yearning for kindred spirits who will stand with you fighting for change.

Just remember, that it only takes one spark to start a wildfire! And we sparks often come from unlikely sources.

Ashton Cynthia Clarke
3 years ago

Applause for “Rhythm and Blues! This is such a powerful story and such a profound summary at the end of his story. Mr. du Soleil, thank you for echoing my thoughts and struggles as a storyteller. I want my work to “reflect the times” as Nina Simone asks us to do. However, I am a person, I am a human, and it can be very very painful to share those events of racism to an audience. Even to audiences who appear to be as open to listening and understanding as people seem to be lately.

Oz du Soleil
3 years ago

Ashton! Thanks for your comments. As Kevin described, I was reluctant to do this, but his comments and now your response, they make me glad to have opened up and shared.

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