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  • Episode:#1335
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  • Run Time:41:19
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Mark Redmond, Jenice Matias and Aleah Liebenau share stories about making a difference with charity, helping young women in need, and a night of having too much.

Song: RISK! Theme Mixup 3 by the RISK! Theme Team

Song: Tiny Sticks by ESG

Radio Story: What’s Credit? by Mark Redmond

Song: A Life of Illusion by Joe Walsh

Song: Ava (Nu Wage Remix) by David Byrne

Live Story: A Rose in Spanish Harlem by Jenice Matias

Interstitial: WWC by Taj Easton

Live Story: The Chase by Aleah Liebenau

Song: Nights on Broadway by Bees Gees


  1. I’m a long time listener and was disappointed with the interstitial after Jenice’s story. She used humor to tell a story about resisting oppression and the collective agony that women experience as a result of our reproductive rights being denied. The interstitial struck a goofy tone that felt clunky and disrespectful. Taking Jenice’s words out of context and stripping them of their meaning for a laugh–so typical of the way the culture reacts to women’s trauma. I question whether if the story had been about a different social justice issue, you would have (rightly) made a different editorial choice. Imagine how better this world would be if we could take it to heart when women share their stories instead of laughing at them. These topics are sensitive and deserve to be treated with more consideration.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. It was a subject of debate. I personally felt that the story was too serious to be followed by humor. Others on the team felt that Jenice is so consistently funny (in various of her stories) including several moments in this story, that it seemed okay to shift to pure funniness, so I caved on that one. More and more, we’re considering packaging content only in one mood or one topic. The switching of moods and topics, to reflect life’s multiplicities, might not be sustainable anymore. – Kevin

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