Episode #1339

Date July 18, 2022

Run Time 46:10

Daniele Bolelli and Abby Jo Morris share about the connection between a father and his newborn, a queer kid and their Evangelical father, and a moment of grace with a sex worker.

Song: RISK! Theme (Chyptune 2000) by John LaSala

Song: Shackbu by Plaid

Radio Story: In Her Presence by Daniele Bolelli

Live Story: Hugs Not Drugs by Abby Jo Morris

Interstitial: Hell No! by Hope Brush

Song: Drug Song by Yanko Nilovic

Radio Story: True Beauty by Daniele Bolelli

Song: This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush



Download: MP3

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1 year ago

Just finished Abby’s story and I’m shocked that this was her first time performing for Risk! Surely it can’t be her first time doing comedy and/or storytelling? Her story perfectly balanced vulnerability and humor. That is such a hard tonal balance to strike for even the most seasoned of performers, genuinely in awe that it was from a first time performers. Abby, if you’re seeing this, you’re seriously talented and I am begging you to keep performing!

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