RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#1339
  • Date:July 18, 2022
  • Run Time:46:10
  • Download: MP3


Daniele Bolelli and Abby Jo Morris share about the connection between a father and his newborn, a queer kid and their Evangelical father, and a moment of grace with a sex worker.

Song: RISK! Theme (Chyptune 2000) by John LaSala

Song: Shackbu by Plaid

Radio Story: In Her Presence by Daniele Bolelli

Live Story: Hugs Not Drugs by Abby Jo Morris

Interstitial: Hell No! by Hope Brush

Song: Drug Song by Yanko Nilovic

Radio Story: True Beauty by Daniele Bolelli

Song: This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush

One Comment

  1. Just finished Abby’s story and I’m shocked that this was her first time performing for Risk! Surely it can’t be her first time doing comedy and/or storytelling? Her story perfectly balanced vulnerability and humor. That is such a hard tonal balance to strike for even the most seasoned of performers, genuinely in awe that it was from a first time performers. Abby, if you’re seeing this, you’re seriously talented and I am begging you to keep performing!

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