Episode #1105

Date November 04, 2019

Run Time 1:02:31

Drew Prochaska, Nick O’Donovan, and Karle Norman share stories about sharks, a pregnancy scare, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: You Got What It Takes by Bobby Thurston

Live Story: Tim and Sally by Drew Prochaska

Interstitial: Option B by Jeff Barr and Robert Fullum

Live Story: It Takes Strength to be Kind by Nick O’Donovan

Song: Lost in the Light by Bahamas

Live Story: Being in that Room by Karle Norman

Song: On a Day Like This by Elbow



Download: MP3

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4 years ago

I’m confused by Nick’s story…am I missing something? Nick (I’m gonna use “they-them” pronouns for Nick) is desparate to keep Brody as a best friend at the exact same time that Brody is manipulating and humiliating them, claiming that they’re faking a pregnancy, and making them retake the ept test? In other words, Nick WANTS to be friends with someone who’s intentionally hurting them? And when Nick gets in trouble for messing with the pregnancy test to make it look positive, THEY take all the flack from the entire school (adults and kids) for being a liar, and turn themself inside-out to try to apologize and win back everyone’s respect…and at no time do they point a finger at Brody and say “He refused to believe I was pregnant, and accused me of making it up for attention, and treated me horribly….I’m not the bad guy here”??

Is that accurate?

And if so…why? Why does it seem like through the very end, Nick actually does feel like they did something horrible, not Brody? Did Nick understand that they weren’t the one who should have been shunned?

Older mom
4 years ago

I must have not paid attention but it sounded to me like that first test did show positive. At no point did I get that Nick faked anything. Still, Nick showed remarkable compassion and that should be commended. I’m glad that now Nick knows it wasn’t fair to be treated like that. 🙂 Sounds like Brody either got his karma or is at least heading that way.

4 years ago

LOVED Karle’s story!

4 years ago

Nick’s story was quite an interesting look at how and why people can become victims of abuse. Out toll me a little bit by surprise, because at first it sounded like it was going to be some light-hearted cliché coming of age story, but wow did it take a turn there halfway through. I’m glad Nick found a way to make something positive and wholesome out of the experience.

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