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  • Episode:#211
  • Date:March 08, 2011
  • Run Time:1:02:26
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Matt Oberg, Heather Lawless, Joanne Solomon and Chad Zimmerman share stories of times they saw the light. Comedy by sketch group BOF, collages by Jeff Barr and music by Tristeza, Random Recipe and Go Home Productions.

This classic episode will soon be available as we rerun the episodes of our first two seasons every other week as Classic RISK Singles!

Storytelling Credits

“The Lightswitch”- Matt Oberg
“Get in the Bentley”- Chad Zimmerman
“A Muffin Appears”- Joanne Solomon
“What We All Know to be Tremendous”- Heather Lawless

Music Credits

“Risk”- Random Recipe
“Raise Your Gaze”- Tristeza
“Eureka!”- Jeff Barr
“Get in the Bentley: The Animated Mix”- Jeff Barr
“Cheesesteak”- Rally Moncrief
“Unfortunate Names in History”- A Comedy Sketch by BoF
“On & On”- Millionyoung
“Don’t Hold Back, Sweet Jane”- Go Home Productions

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  1. Love the “Untitled” song by Million Young! Where can I purchase a MP3 of it?

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