Episode #CRE126

Date September 22, 2010

Run Time 58:45

A Classic RISK! episode from our first two years! In our twenty sixth episode, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Dave Hill, Jackie Kashian, Seena Jon and Dawn Fraser tell true tales on a variety of topics in this the season closer. This episode marked the end of our first year of podcasting. Jen Nails joins in with a comedy sketch. Kerri Kenney-Silver visits a hypnotist to the stars, Dave Hill goes to Sing Sing, Jackie Kashian bottles rage, Seena Jon wants to dip his balls in it, and Dawn Fraser brings out the dead. Jen Nails channels 6th Grader Lylice Martin, the heroine of her book Next To Mexico.

Storytelling Credits

“Mesmerizing”- Kerri Kenney-Silver (edited by Andy Kroner)
“If I Can Make It There, I’ll Make It Anywhere”- Dave Hill
“Malted Milk Balls”- Seena Jon (edited by Jeff Mercel)
“The Nutcracker”- Dawn Fraser
“All The Rage”- Jackie Kashian

Music Credits

“Risk”- Yea Big & Kid Static
“Finest Morning”- Superbus
“Mesmerizing” featured music by Matheatre and Laura Barrett
“Mr. Clean Redux”- Dave Girtsman
“Quitting Time”- Matheatre
“6th Grader Lylice Martin’s Book Report on the Diary of Anne Frank”- Comedy Sketch
“Malted Milk Balls” featured music by Hopewell
“No More Pressure”- Messy James
“Living in a Movie”- Julie Peel
“Ambient M”- Anthony Raijekov
“Bus Stop Runner”- Go Home Productions
“Thanks”- Shayna Ferm



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