RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#CRE208
  • Date:January 13, 2022
  • Run Time:48:40
  • Download: MP3


A Classic RISK! episode from our first two years! In the eighth episode from our second season, Patton Oswalt, Al Madrigal, Greg Walloch, David Crabb and Michael Hirstreet share stories of times they went where they'd never gone before.

Storytelling Credits

“N.A.”- David Crabb
“Blowup”- Michael Hirstreet
“First”- Patton Oswalt (From the album “My Weakness is Strong”)
“The Accidental Prostitute”- Greg Walloch
“The Drugas”- Al Madrigal

Music Credits

“Corporate Risk”- Peter Bane
“Standing Athwart Hammertime”- StAllio!
“N.A.”- David Crabb
“Excerpts from Howl and Dewey Square”- Hugo “Droopy” Contini
“Offrande Musicale”- Bacalao
“Le Beau Gars Nu Bleu”- Frontal Rizzotto
“Mimosas in the Rain”- Stuckey & Murray (From the album “Stuckey & Murray Sing the Songs of Stuckey & Murray”)
“Popcorn”- Michael Eingorn
“Hugs Not Drugs”- John Crotteau
“Mount Fuji” – Song by Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet

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