Heart and Arrow


Episode #CRS160

Date February 16, 2023

Run Time 45:08

A Classic RISK! Singles episode! A story that Jeffrey Lan first shared on the podcast in March of 2017 about the love, loss and growth he experienced with his partner Ed.

Radio Story: Heart and Arrow by Jeffrey Lan



Download: MP3

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David Gordon
1 year ago

I am sitting here with tears running down my face. This is the reason I have and continue to be a Patreon supporter of this podcast. I have been listening to this podcast for many years, and thought I had heard them all. Thanks for this classic risk single. Thanks to everyone at Risk who continue to keep giving us stories that move the heart and soul…

Your Name
1 year ago

Beautiful love story!

Jandy Bee
1 year ago

I am guessing that his parents and sister never came around. So he couldn’t lean on them in his grief. And they were not grieving the loss. I would think that would make the family chasm even wider.

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