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  • Episode:#1211
  • Date:December 22, 2020
  • Run Time:1:13:54
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Holiday Stories 13

Vin Brue, Amy Brooks, Kevin Allison, Rob Penty and Jude Treder-Wolff share seasonal tales in our annual winter holidays special for 2020.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies (Red Baron Remix) by Berlin Symphony Orchestra

Radio Anecdote: Elf on the Motherf’n Shelf by Vin Brue

Interstitial: What’s In Our Christmas Stocking? by V/VM

Interstitial: Christmas Stocking by Tom Paxton

Interstitial: Little Breakbeat Boy by Divide and Kreate

Song: I’m Going to Lasso Santa Claus by Brenda Lee

Livestream Story: A Very Ozarks Christmas by Amy Brooks

Radio Story: The Allison Family Christmas Tree Hunt by Kevin Allison

Song: I Farted on Santa’s Lap by The Little Stinkers

Song: Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World

Interstitial: Alala Falala Hasselhoff by King of Pants

Interstitial: Santa Claus is Coming to Town by BangBang LuLu

Livestream Story: Solstice by Rob Penty

Song: Christmas Is Going to the Dogs by Eels

Radio Story: Miracle on 57th Street by Jude Treder-Wolff

Song: Christmas Is All Around by Rend Collective


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One Comment

  1. Merry Christmas Kevin & The Risk Family!

    Thank you so much for this episode’s theme of remembering Christmas’s of the past.
    So much has happened this year, including the passing of my mother-in-law from a 6 year battle with lung cancer. We lived together for the past 5 years, and she was the glue that kept us together through the good times and tuff times; and it is not the same without her. My father transitioned to the other side in 2012, and I miss him dearly. And there are many more Aunts and Uncles that will be remembered and missed this holiday season.

    The stories in this episode was like a great big warm hug of a reminder for me to remember the good times.
    Keven, I loved your story of your family tradition, so good, so great; I felt like I was there in your home watching it all happen. And Amy Brooks story tugged at my heart strings, I can’t get enough of these Christmas stories!!

    I am so thankful for this podcast and all the emotions and thoughts it evokes in me. I truly feel like it is personally curated for just me lol, you all rock!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday’s!!

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