Holiday Stories #7


Episode #612

Date December 28, 2015

Run Time 1:06:19

Aubrey O’Day, Conner Habib, Matt Donnelly and Jenna Matthys share stories that are kinda sorta about the Holidays.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Auld Lang Syne by The Black On White Affair

Live Story: Great On Paper by Aubrey O’Day

Interstitial: Back Door Diarrhea by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: Santa Takes the Bus by Jenna Matthys

Song: Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town by Joseph Spence with Kevin Allison

Live Story: Man in the Mirror by Matt Donnelly

Song: Christmas Island by Leon Redbone

Live Story: Toilet Boys by Conner Habib

Song: Homo Christmas by Pansy Division


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9 years ago

Just listened to Aubrey O’Day’s “great on paper.” Before judging mr. Great on paper too harshly, realize the man was obviously suffering from *severe* obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It doesn’t make him beyond reproach, but having that story basically describe my experience with my father from ages 0-18, I can tell you it’s not just some guy being a jerk.

9 years ago

I can’t help but feel angry toward Aubrey O’Day after listening to her story, the guy she was dating was obviously suffering from OCD, she cared more about her dogs than her boyfriend and now has no problem mocking her ex boyfriends mental illness. I can understand why she couldn’t handle him which is fine but there was no need to act how she did.

9 years ago

Aubrey O’Day sounds like the worst kind of person. And the audience cheering her at the end gave me cancer. This whole situation is messed up

9 years ago

I’m with Aubrey, I would feel offended if someone took sheets away to be washed because I’d sat on them.
Every individual on earth has OCD (or any number of disorders) to a varying value, its a spectrum, a sliding scale we are all on.
There’s no such thing as normal and having a disorder is not an excuse to be a dick.

9 years ago

This is a story sharing podcast about things you never thought you would share. Not a podcast for you to judge people. Aubrey story was just a story and you were not in that situation. Nobody is perfect.

8 years ago

I would argue that Aubrey’s story is more about learning to stop trying so hard to fit into someone’s life that you lose yourself. Loved it. I’ve definitely been there.

8 years ago

Aubrey is a HERO!!! No man (or woman) is worth THAT treatment and disrespect of herself and her loved ones. It took her a while to realize that, but at least she did.

That abusive prick isn’t sick. OCD is not the same thing as cancer, depression, bi-polar, etc. He has control over his actions toward others. His whole family is screwed up. He doesn’t need help. He’s obviously got enough money & means to get help if he needed it. He needs a good swift kick down those stairs face first right into the doggie doo doo.

7 years ago

I suffer from severe depression, so I’m not a joy to be around all the time. I try to keep it to myself but there have been times I’ve lashed out at people I care about. Whenever it’s happened and I’ve gotten passed it I sincerely apologize to anyone I’ve wronged because that’s how decent human beings are supposed to treat each other. So I don’t really understand how anyone can defend the guy in Aubrey’s story. There’s no excuse for anyone to treat someone they supposedly care about that way. Even if it’s a heat of the moment thing, if you don’t go back and apologize for your behavior (sickness or not) then you’re a terrible person.

7 years ago

Actually, my husband suffers from OCD, and it is debilitatng, and he is on work restrictions because of it. This guy could have handled himself differently, but so could she. Maybe she could have behaved like an adult and asked people not to feed her dogs human food.

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