Hurt Joy


Episode #740

Date July 18, 2016

Run Time 1:02:22

Samm Levine and Peter Neofotis share stories about how beautifully horrible life can be.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Klub Kola (Uptight On the Rocks) by Planet E

Live Story: Schadenfreude by Samm Levine

Song: Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells

Radio Story: Persephone’s Storyteller by Peter Neofotis

Song: This Charming Man by Stars



Download: MP3

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7 years ago

Really good job on the musical cues for Peter Neofotis. It really added to the story, which was great.

7 years ago

Bravo Peter! Entertaining and moving!

Jennifer Black
7 years ago

Beautiful and moving Peter!

Mary m
7 years ago

Fantastic storytelling Peter! Enjoyed every moment! Small distraction was your reference to media Mongol I think you mean mogul 😉 keep up the great work!

7 years ago

Seconding comment #4 — Mogul. I kept picturing the Mongolian empire, filled with reporters and journalists riding around on yaks. 🙂 Also, Peter, I’m a Minneapolis-based narrative artist who’s produced five solo shows in the MN Fringe, and I’m so glad you loved this city and had a good time here and feel like “we know storytelling” (yayyyy!), but please know that NO ONE here has their show in the Fringe Festival picked up by a producer! Omg. Never! No one. What producer, first of all!?? There ARE no producers here!! Okay, I think one person, once, maybe, found some wealthy guy she slept with to eventually be her producer and pay to send her show to a few other cities…oh, and a two-person dance company did, after many years, get agency representation, but they worked their asses off for over a decade to try to establish a presence and reputation, but I digress — my point is, it wasn’t you! Anyone based here (nevermind a visitor!) who wants to tour an original solo show regionally, or get it to NYC, or get it repped for the college circuit or whatever has to either have a legit miracle fall into their laps, or do that work themselves. Please know that there’s no reason to doubt your talent or show quality based on the lack of career advancement available via our Fringe Festival. If that were the equation, I should have drank myself to death by now.
Carry on!

7 years ago

What was the music playing during Peter’s piece?

7 years ago

What a marvelous story, Peter. Even more so to me because you captured Carter Drake in all her majesty and with all her complexity. Although because of her I teach Latin myself now- in my heart of hearts she will always be the real Magistra; I’m just trying to measure up. She would be so very touched and so very proud of you and this story. Thank you so for sharing.

7 years ago

@Susanne, there’s probably about 15 or so different musical tracks from various sources in Peter’s story. Did one moment stick out to you?

7 years ago

Peter you are so queer and so brilliant and so beautiful – I don’t know how you succeed in surprising me anew every time I discover you you mongol mongrel. Anyone who can hear you spin a yarn that haphazardly artful and think you don’t delight in planting a misspoken word half purposely doesn’t know skiagrafia when they see it. Goddamn man you’re getting scary good.

7 years ago

Wonderful to hear your voice again Peter, and what a story!! You are such a captivating storyteller, well done!!

7 years ago

Peter’s story is an instant classic, in my opinion. Such a wonderful voice!

7 years ago

What a wonderful story Peter Neofolis told. It was very moving, especially when he talked about his teacher. I also loved the music, it really added to the emotional depth.

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