Hush Hush


Episode #634

Date May 18, 2015

Run Time 56:04

David Crabb, Reba Sparrow and Kevin Allison share stories of secrets revealed.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Live Story: Graduation Day by Kevin Allison

Song: Crabs by Mr. Weebl

Live Story: Baby Love by Reba Sparrow

Song: Every Night by Josef Salvat

Live Story: Where the Boys Are by David Crabb

Song: Kamera by Wilco



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8 years ago

Hey guys,
Another fantastic episode!!!
I was wondering what the song is that runs for the final one minute of the show?
I can’t tell if it’s kevin being silly or not! …but it’s super weird and catchy and I love it 🙂
Thanks for banging out episode after episode of amazing stories!!!

8 years ago

Crabs by Mr Weebl! The regular version of the song occurs earlier in the show. 🙂

8 years ago

i’ve been listening to your show for about a year. i really love it. thank you for your very good and important, and entertaining work. also, good luck with the sobriety experiment. i had to sober up this year and it’s been a real and mostly successful challenge. i’ve had some major health problems related to drinking and smoking, so it’s kind of motivating me to embrace healthier lifestyle habits.

if you’ve got a tiny voice inside of you telling you to sober up, find a way to nourish, feed and amplify that voice. listen to it, and believe it, honor it. it’s not lying to you. that is your deepest self, your greatest wisdom, trying to grab your attention away from the stuff you’re doing to cover it up. that voice inside of you is not going to lead you astray, it is not going to fool you- it has your best interest and your greatest experience of this life in mind. cheers, you’ve got lots of support, but the biggest support system for sobriety is that inner wisdom. honor it honor it honor it!

8 years ago first of all,let me just say… say im stubborn,arrogant,pigheaded and or egotistical would involve compressing my persona(s) stuffing it into a nice neat little box.a dear girlfriend of mine ever so gently whispered “risk podcast” amidst an enthralling discussion on the subject of high heels and spoons…(don’t ask!!!)grasping this thought,i immediately began to festidiously examine a great number of this wonderful sites many podcasts.your site has given me a new lease on life,undoubtedly awakening my the time my life was teetering on the edge of complete self absorbtion,i was a complete substance abuse had doubled,jeopardising my career as a project manager for a well renowned web development firm.thankyou sarah for showing me the way to inner peace and understanding!youre a real catch!

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