In Harm’s Way


Episode #202

Date October 26, 2010

Run Time 56:46

Lili Taylor, Andrea Rosen, Matteson Perry, Joy Gabriel and Max share stories of peril and panic.

Storytelling Credits

“Incest Peppermints”- Andrea Rosen
“The Duel”- Lili Taylor (edited by Jeff Mercel)
“The Wild One”- Max
“A Farewell to Limbs Almost!!!”- Matteson Perry
“Mother May I?”- Joy Gabriel

Music Credits

“Risk 1”- Morningbell
“City Side”- Junk Culture
“How You Like Me Now?”- The Heavy
“Bluebird”- Laura Barrett
“The Duel” featured music by Automated Acoustics and Nest
“Lullaby”- Automated Acoustics
“Borman Six Girl”- Big Ben
“Drugs”- Yea Big & Kid Static
“Case of Death, pt. 2”- sound collage by John Oswald
“West Coast”- Junk Culture
“Heart of Mine”- Peter Salett

Download: MP3

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