In the Shadows


Episode #CRS063

Date October 31, 2019

Run Time 30:30

A Classic RISK! Singles episode! A story that Moloch Masters first shared on the podcast in May of 2017 about dark family secrets. PLUS a new interview with the storyteller at the end of the episode.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Radio Story: In the Shadows by Moloch Masters



Download: MP3

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4 years ago

This story disturbed me on so many levels. First, it is so sad that there are and always will be people who enjoy torture and sadism, such as the storyteller’s grandfather. And it is equally terrible that some people are genetically wired to get pleasure from what most of us find cruel, repulsive, and against all moral code, but that’s how it is. I don’t necessarily blame these people. I don’t think it’s a choice, but if doing so causes pain and suffering in the pursuit of this pleasure then I don’t think they should be walking around free, or untreated. Because if the storyteller did consume what he or she (sorry, not clear to me) believes, then a human life was lost or taken, and how? Who? Where? All the questions this opens up really frightens me. I’m very sorry the narrator had to endure those horrible aspects of their family. I am happy, though, that the telling of this tale brings some catharsis. And I hope the cycle of violence in that family has ended for good.

4 years ago

I hate when we tiptoe around this sort of darkness. It feels like a lot of people don’t know or deny they know it exists or talk about it in a way that is confusing to me. It’s everywhere. In my experience, being honest and transparent about what is real without sugar coating it with fear or judgement is always the best way forward. When we decide it is what it is it becomes external, and we always have a choice. I love this story and the podcast. Thank you.

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