Episode #CRE124

Date June 17, 2021

Run Time 51:33

A Classic RISK! episode from our first two years! In our twenty fourth episode, Christian Finnegan, Robin Gelfenbien, Jim OGrady and Marc Charbonnet tell true tales of the green eyed monster. Christian Finnegan pays respects to his older brother, a pillar of the LARPing community. Robin Gelfenbien goes back to Deadwood and rubs it in the nose of her grumpy old high school musical director. Jim O’Grady makes friends with some colorful characters in the days the Bronx was on fire. And Marc Charbonnet finds a way to leave penis envy behind. Comedy duo Rue Brutalia go to the ballgame and musical maestro Ergo Phizmiz bestows upon us a proper British opera in 120 seconds.

Storytelling Credits

“Bull and Blood”- Jim O’Grady
“Grower”- Marc Charbonnet
“The Deadwood Stage”-Robin Gelfenbien
“Bruderbund”- Christian Finnegan

Music Credits

“RISK! Segway”- Musical Palsǝy
“Since I Decided to Go”- Rokhausen
“Baseball!”- Sketch by Rue Brutalia
“Anglerfish”- Hailey Wojcik
“Mixed Farm”- Overdub
“A RISK! Opera”- Ergo Phizmiz
“Smells Like Rockin Robin”- Mark Vidler



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