Live From Norfolk 2

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Richard Stout
10 years ago

Hey Kevin…love the shows. Especially the ones from Norfolk. But…you are missing an opportunity. My dad was in WWII…and spent some weekends in Norfolk. The locals don’t pronounce it (Nor’ folk)…they easily say (Nor’-fuk).
With all the f-bombs your show produces…here
‘s a chance to say it without remorse. P.S. My mom is a bold 92-years old and loves to show-off. As a result, she goes out of her way to bring up her memories of (Nor’-fuk.) Take care.

10 years ago

Hey Kevin- I’m addicted your podcast. However, being someone less disposed to states of blinding happiness, I feel like there is an over arching preponderance to ‘cheerful’ stories told by excessively cheerful people, that to me sound like they’ve just won the lotto before getting on stage. For me the stories with the most impact are usually the least funny.

10 years ago

I love the old high school fight song. “We don’t fight, we don’t drink, Norfolk, Norfolk.”

10 years ago

I love listening to your podcast online normally while I am studying. I just wanted to say that if I am engrossed in a story and then distracted and want to back up a few minutes that option is not available and it forces me to start over at the beginning which is very trying seeing as I have usually already listened to half of the show.

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