RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#514
  • Date:January 20, 2014
  • Run Time:1:08:29
  • Download: MP3

Live From NYC Podfest

Keith and the Girl, Selena Coppock, Alex Edelman, and Kevin Allison share confessions at NYC Podfest 2014.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Live Story: Barefoot in the Park Revisited by Kevin Allison

Live Story: Airport Confessions by Alex Edelman

Live Story: The Hulk by Chemda

Live Story: For My Penis by Keith Malley

Live Story: The Good With the Bad by Selena Coppock

Song: Broken Heart by Dr. Dog

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  1. WOOOOOOO!!!

  2. hurray! keith and chemda! i laughed out loud (for real) and listened twice. well done!

  3. Chemda was born to be a storyteller – I hope we hear more from her. Awesome show!

  4. Great show, always great to hear Keith and Chemda in a different environment than their own show.

  5. I have heard more ‘getting high’ stories than I can count/remember, but Chemda’s tale of comic book psychosis has got to be in the top 10!

  6. Chemda from Keith and the Girl was absolutely amazing to listen to, such a riveting and captivating storyteller, and Keith was hilarious as always.

  7. Great to hear KATG on RISK! It’s a podcast mashup that works beautifully.

  8. Drug stories usually bore me even more than dream stories but Chemda was so endearing she made hers work such a treat. Selena was great too. Sorry for being sexist and liking the girls better than the boys.

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