Mixed Feelings


Episode #523

Date March 24, 2014

Run Time 1:02:16

Mollena Williams, Vicki Tollemache and Kevin Allison share stories of battles between the voices within.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner  and John Sondericker

Song: The Car Chase by Lee Rosevere

Live Story: Wet T-Shirt by Vicki Tollemache

Live Story: Godspell by Kevin Allison

Song: Circles by Mike Doughty

Live Story: Animal by Mollena Williams

Song: Dream the Dare by Pure Bathing Culture



Download: MP3

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10 years ago

Hate to be a stickler, but in this episode mollena’s hyena facts are a little off. Not sure where she read the 10% bodyweight stat, but while hyenas do have large hearts, they make up about 1% of the bodyweight (still twice the human statistic of 0.5% but certainly not the 20 pound figure quoted here!)

All of her other hyena statistics were true- but only for the spotted hyena. The other 3 kinds of hyenas have normal vaginas and are definitely not as social. That doesn’t matter as much though. Anyway, that’s all!

9 years ago

….I very seriously doubt you hate being a stickler.

9 years ago

Best reply EVER!

Yes, I just got here.

Kendra Holliday
9 years ago

I LOVE YOU, MOLLENA!!!! I just got here, too! After hearing your latest podcast about Herr Meister!!! I’ve wondered about your love life and had no idea you’ve been in a M/s relationship this past year, omg what a sweet love story! You’re living a rich and beautiful and extraordinary life! So happy for you!

8 years ago

Mollena you amaze me! Your stories are always my favorite!

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