RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#302
  • Date:October 20, 2011
  • Run Time:1:06:03
  • Download: MP3

New At This

Brian Babylon, Ophira Eisenberg, Vince Gatton and Joe LaSala recall times they faced frighteningly new challenges.

Song: Risk Theme (Ballad of a Future Fan) by Jeff Barr

Song: For True by Trombone Shorty

Live Story: Death Juice on the Rocks by Brian Babylon

Song: City Grammar by The Freelance Hellraiser

Radio Story: Snapper by Vince Gatton

Song: Scrumdiddlyumptious by Pogo

Live Story: Bathtub Virgin by Ophira Eisenberg

Song: Voodoo Lady by Ween

Radio Story: For Benjamin by Joe LaSala

Song: The Things That Matter Most by The Silent Partner




  1. PLEASE, what is the harp piece at the end of Radio Story: For Benjamin by Joe LaSala?


    Dawn =?

  2. Hey dawn, I’ll ask the editor! — Kevin

  3. Yeah, It’s a great piece. I cut it short but the full version of this terrific song can easily be downloaded from the Free Music Archive:
    Blue Sox by Arnaud Roy

  4. I’ve only started listening to your podcast – filling myself with 2 years worth of stories in a week.

    Listening over your trials and tribulations was very entertaining even if it meant that you had to go through some emotionally uneasy times, I’m sorry for that. But you always seem to come out stronger for it.

    That and I have purchased some amazing music from the different artist that you play between stories. You’ve introduced me to such a diversity of music.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Thank yooooooou!!!

  6. I’ve been being lazy about listening to risk as of late… cleaning my apartment, I decided to turn on this episode… I had to stop what I was doing and sit down while listening to Joe Lasala’s story… pretty much lost it, burst into tears… I’m never missing an episode again!

  7. Hi! Please what’s the name of the piece in Joe LaSala’s segment at the 59:00 after he says “you might want to terminate the pregnancy”

  8. Just listened to this episode for the first time and I had to know how Benjamin was doing now. Facebook makes us all creeps!! Joe, you’re a beautiful storyteller. I was gripped (and bawling) the entire time. Hope your beautiful family is doing well. He’s a beautiful boy (creep, sorry!)

  9. Toni – I’m a year late at this, but we are doing well! Benjamin has lots of challenges due to his prematurity (he’s blind and has global delays) but he’s a happy amazing kid. And he became a big brother last year – we adopted a baby girl who adores Ben. I appreciate the note – reminds me to get out there with more stories.

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