Episode #1045

Date August 05, 2019

Run Time 56:36

Todd Shaffer, Julie Threlkeld and Regan Wann share stories about a nutty landlord, a bisexual reveal, and a CPR surprise.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: The Traveller, Pt. 2 by The Haggis Horns

Live Story: Gurnsey by Todd Shaffer

Interstitial: Su-Wiz-Ass by Robert Fullum

Live Story: Seesaw by Julie Threlkeld

Song: Am I the Same Girl by Swing Out Sister

Live Story: Are You Okay? by Regan Wann

Song: Death Letter by Cassandra Wilson

Download: MP3

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3 years ago

Wow that last storyteller was judgey. Perhaps the old woman always acted like that and her husband had no idea how bad she was, and if my wife collapsed in a pool of blood with a broken neck I’m pretty sure I would be in shock and have trouble responding, there’s a reason medical professionals aren’t supposed to treat their own family members. Way to berate someone for the way they act on what was probably the worst day of their life and then make their story all about you.

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