Off Balance


Episode #918

Date February 12, 2018

Run Time 1:03:19

Gastor Almonte, Liz Miele and Biz Ellis share stories about being pantsless with the police, a beloved brother’s mental illness and the mixed blessings of being a mom.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Prowlin’ by The Whitefield Brothers

Live Story: Knickerbocker Love Story by Gastor Almonte

Interstitial: Checkered Pants by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Free Range Sam by Liz Miele

Song: Breathe Me by Sia

Live Story: Blessings and a Curse by Biz Ellis

Song: Asunder by Stee Downes



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6 years ago

Kevin’s laughter in the first story just makes it an even MORE delightful listen!

6 years ago

Great job storytellers and keep up the great work Kevin!

Oracle of Delphi
6 years ago

I was totally blown off my feet by Gastor. It has been over a year since I joined Risk and retrospectively I have listened to most of the episodes going years back. This guy is by far one of THE BEST story tellers EVER!!!. I listened to his story while walking my dog and was laughing all the way. People were wondering what was going on with me. I am happy I was not riding the train to work. Anyway, I just wanted to say KUDOS to his story, and his talent to tell stories!

6 years ago

As usual, a wonderful episode! I have a question for Biz Ellis: when someone spit on her, was it on the Upper East Side? There was this homeless woman who hung around the neighborhood at the time who seemed to have some sort of Tourette’s where she would alternately spit on people and screech like a wounded animal for 15 minutes at a time. Her nephew was always around her and he was supposed to be watching her but was on his phone all the time. She was perfectly lovely to talk to when she wasn’t having an episode and I’d hate to think that she was the spitter in an otherwise wonderful story. Eventually she spit on the wrong person, who carried on and on until the NYPD arrested her and, according to the NY Post, everyone watching applauded. I wouldn’t want her to be the butt of any jokes when her life has already been so unfortunate.

6 years ago

Really like the Liz story about her bipolar brother. It’s a tough situation and I know from being bipolar that having a strong family support system is important but those are also the people you can hurt the most when you are either high or low. I feel for her and it must be incredibly tough to watch someone you love go through those changes. I’m inspired by how much she cares to help and be there for him.

Your Name
6 years ago

The Beach Body on Demand ad was a BIG turn-off and kind of tasteless after a story about mental illness. Eating disorders are mental illnesses and diet/fitness ads are triggering.

6 years ago

Thank you, Biz Ellis, for your raw and honest testimony. It really hit a nerve for me and I want to say – I believe you. I see the bleeding walls. You are doing your best and that is beautiful. Nothing in parenting is really easy or to be taken for granted. I finish every day in a state of both physical and mental exhaustion and try to find answers in parenting 101 books to make the next day a bit better and to make myself feel like less of a failure as a parent. So I really hear you.

Thank you.

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