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  • Episode:#915
  • Date:January 22, 2018
  • Run Time:1:17:00
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Out of the Blue

Abby Schachner, Susan Trout and D.K. Anderson share stories about kicking cars, losing loved ones and munchin' on butt nuggets.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Lipsia (Elektro Guzzi Remix) by Indian Wells

Live Story: The Kicker by Abby Schachner

Interstitial: KickFuck (ft. JWD Beats) by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Grief Speaks by Susan Trout

Song: I’ll Remember You by Thea Gilmore

Radio Story: The First Times by D.K. Anderson

Song: Everybody Knows by Kids of 88


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  1. I love RISK!, but I could have gone my WHOLE LIFE not hearing the last story.

  2. Oof. That last story was rough, I had a hard time getting through it and honestly almost tapped out, but I think that’s sorta the point of this show. Thank you Kevin for giving a platform to all stories, especially the challenging ones.

  3. Thanks Joy. Yeah, I put a warning before and made sure the storyteller included warnings about midway through the story too, in case anyone does need to tap out!

  4. Yowza!!

  5. This episode was friggin’ awesome! The music was great!
    Thank you Risk!Team !

  6. Agreed. I did tap out of the last story. I occasionally question the validity of the story embellishments; in any case going from the intimate and substantial details of the sudden loss of a brother to suicide/subsequent miscarriages to intricate details having someone shit in your mouth? Sexploration is cool. At least advise your listeners.

  7. Like I said, there’s a trigger warning before the story in the hosting segment that places a break between those two stories. Then there are built-in trigger warnings I advised the storyteller to include IN the text of the story. And, of course, there’s a trigger warning at the beginning of each episode, when I say, “Hello kids, this is RISK!”

    Listeners are advised on the nature of the series consistently. Facebook essays, conversations here on the Listen pages, interviews where I explain the show, hosting segments where I go on for 5 or 15 minutes talking about the risk involved in listening.

    Life itself does not say, “Hey there, in about 30 seconds, I’m going to get a little sad. But prepare for things to be funny again in 20 minutes. Then later, get ready for a sexual surprise that will turn out okay in the end!” But RISK! actually does a fair amount of that.

  8. Kevin, I think you did a fabulous job of making it clear what we were getting into during this episode. From the beginning you said that we will be listening to a funny story, a very sad story, and a very kinky story. Immediately before the last story, your references to “#1 and #2” made it pretty clear what was going to come up during that story.

    Concerning my personal experience during the last story: I cringed a little bit during the #1 and #2 scenes, but I did not consider turning it off. The story was remarkably well-told. Although I am certainly not into the type of things that the storyteller described, I do recognize that we all experience intimacy in ways that are vastly different. I am glad that the storyteller had the opportunity (and the courage, wow) to share his experience, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to listen.

  9. Hey Kevin! Can you tell me all the songs that play *during* the last story? Thanks! Great show.

  10. Thanks M! And hey Derek. Great question. I told our episode editor Jeff Barr to focus on songs that were likely to be played at BDSM clubs in the 80s and 90s. It’s kind of amazing that the song that kicks in at the beginning of the scat part of the story is by a group called Skatt Bros. Anyway, Jeff was a wee bit unnerved to spending so much time on this particular story…. but he did a great job of weaving these songs in, and in this order:

    Donna Summer – I Feel Love (P. Cowley Mix 15.49 min. Version)
    Nine Inch Nails – Closer (instrumental)
    Sheeba Exp – Ending
    Podington Bear – Now Son
    Depeche Mode – Dangerous (Instrumental)
    Mudboy – Solitron Waves
    Davis John Patton – High Altitude (Instrumental )
    Madonna – Erotica (Instrumental)
    Skatt Bros – Walk The Night
    Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn (Instrumental)
    Aural Method – The-Wind-and-Smoke-Were-Bold-in-Flight

  11. Kevin, I think you did a marvelous job of delicately but deliberately letting us know where this story was going without exactly spoiling it. It was tough to get through, but way less difficult than I would have imagined before listening—the storyteller made it clear how intimate and consensual it all was, even during the grisly details. I can’t stop thinking about how that was basically a perfect example of a transgressive story told well. Bravo to you, your team, and the storyteller.

  12. Great episode! Just a shoutout to D.K., I really appreciate how you talk about love and trust in your relationship. This was a really vulnerable story to share and it needs to be in the world. Thank you for sharing with us.

  13. I enjoyed all the stories but I have to give Mr. Anderson some big props! Takes a lot of guts to share an intimate and kinky story like that! He was completely right about the kink community (being a kinky bisexual guy myself). I was about to turn the podcast off since I’m not into scat play but I gave it a chance! Was very interesting to listen to the dynamic between him and his partner! Thank you, D.K.!

  14. Kevin, I know you are going to get a lot crap about that last story but it’s stories like that which make Risk so special. It was a hard story to listen to but if you took away the “icky” prejudice, it was an absolutely brilliant story about sexual intimacy and trust. AGAIN, why I listen to Risk. There is nothing else like it out there. Thank you and thanks to Mr Anderson for being brave enough to share the story in a society that still says ewwwww to everything outside the “norm”.

  15. Yes, yes, yes–i agree with all the affirmations of that last story. Although i cannot picture myself in a trillion years undergoing that type of experience, THIS IS WHAT MAKES RISK! SO AMAZING. We can hear earnest and honest stories that are…um…risky. Thank you, Kevin for not toning it down or making it PG. And thank you D.K. for sharing a story that is so vulnerable. I am so enlivened to hear that there are people who are living life to the fullest without regard to societal approval. I literally will sleep better tonight knowing this. I deeply appreciate the style of your storytelling on this, Mr. Anderson, your tone, pace and revelation of deepest human connection. You have inspired me to be more boldly authentic.

  16. That last story is part of why I LOVE risk!! I’m a cisgender fem happily married… we’re pretty vanilla but way happy and what I love about these stories is what we can learn. Such a reminder to revel in each other, experiment, and be OPEN…. while the fluid and scat are beyond my comfort levels the openness, love, presence, and sexuality is inspirational. And I definitely brought that with me to the bedroom next round 😉

    Thanks so much Kevin. Keep it up! Keep it weird. We need that’s more than ever ❤️

  17. I actually really liked the last story. I have a weird kink to and it’s so nice to hear someone speak about theirs so candidly. Perfect example of why I love this podcast. People are grossed out here but it’s like… this was a bridge too far but sexual assault isn’t?? Suicide? This was a story of two consenting adults doing something that made them happy. I thought it was great!

  18. Loved the last story. Intriguing. Love the honesty, and the invitation into another life. Another world. Thats why I listen to RISK! D.K., thanks for sharing!

  19. That last story was an interesting drive down dark poetry lane, although expertly enhanced by a skilled and articulate storyteller.

    This manicured tale of romance may have taken more than a bit of creative license with the facts. If you haven’t taken a shit in 2 days, it’s unlikely to emerge as two cute, mini Christmas crackers. More like a shotgun shit-bomb. And any mortal man who can piss for 6 minutes is clearly the offspring off our equine relatives. Try and hold a garden hose in your mouth for six minutes and see how long it takes before your stomach reaches capacity. And that’s water, not someone else’s piss.

    Loved the story, but see it more as a crossover between fact and fiction. Maybe that was the intent — not sure. Regardless, this was a highly enjoyable story and so well narrated.

  20. I dunno Andrew,
    I once went to a 4 day rock festival and only was able to shit by the 3rd day. It was so compact and girthy that it felt like a religious experience as it was crowning!

  21. Hi Kevin, loved all these stories as always, so well put together and raw and very intimate and eye opening as well. After I heard the last story from D.K. I thought I needed a smoke, and I don’t smoke, if you know what I mean…..I even had to look him up as now I know he’s a writer of male erotica and that now opens a new world to read about and explore! I’m always amazed how well your story tellers are able to tell their story in such a way that we are listening to their every word, and sometimes I am laughing, crying buckets, touched, or inspired. Thank you and your staff for all that you do, next on my things to do is preorder the new book as I’m new at listening to your show!!! Thank you, thank you!

  22. Thanks Eileen! It’s interesting. We’re now almost five months since this episode was released, but people still tell me on a regular basis, something more or less along the lines of, “That story by D.K. Anderson was challenging for me to hear, but it opened my mind a bit.” I think a lot of people hear a few different things in the story. First, that it is so much about how negotiation and consent can work for sexually adventurous people. Second, that it shows how even the most primal, animalistic, “nasty” sort of sexual activity can be intimate in its own way. And third, how important it is for people to continue to be frank and open and honest about these taboo sorts of topics in an era where everyone’s rights and freedoms seem to be so at risk. We’re proud of these sorts of stories!

  23. Admin, yes their love & trust with one another was touching and how that built over time for them to experiment further into their desires. I loved hearing D.K. talk about his smell that intrigued him. People are talking about the episode as it’s different but eye opening. Definitely stay proud of these stories, thanks for replying!

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