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Episode #1126

Date March 30, 2020

Run Time 1:30:38

Chris Garcia, Karen Maruyama, Kevin Bohl, Joe Matarese, Oz du Soleil and TS Madison share stories about a big fight, a closed bar, a jealous husband, canceled plans and a well endowed Turk.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Three Reels by Natalie MacMaster

Live Story: The Champ by Chris Garcia

Interstitial: When I Eats Me Spinach by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Asian Like Me by Karen Maruyama

Radio Story: Closed for the Duration by Kevin Bohl

Song: Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind by Lindsey Buckingham

Live Story: The Other Man by Joe Matarese

Radio Anecdote: Cancellation by Oz du Soleil

Live Story: Turkish Delights by TS Madison

Song: Bad Girls by Donna Summer

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