Episode #119

Date June 15, 2010

Run Time 47:32

Leo Allen, Kevin Allison, Zach Broussard and Alison Leiby share stories about things they wish they could take back. Like they always say, "No Regr-" oh, wait. Never mind.

Storytelling Credits

“The Adventures of Fuckleberry Finn” – Zach Broussard
“The Middle Path” – Leo Allen
“There and Back Again” – Alison Leiby
“Son of a Blah Blah” – Kevin Allison

Music Credits

“Risksong” – ARMS
“Chusen Kalah Mazel Tov” – Steven Bernstein
“Kitty Takes a Ride (Kitty Mix Up)” – The Bran Flakes
“Infinite Distance” – Marshall York
“Campfire Song” – King Baldwin
“Risky Business” – Little Death
“You Get What You Pay For” – Lee Rosevere
“Animalrisk” – Dan Rosen

Additional Music Credits

Shake That Little Foot
Uncle Woody Sullender
Jordan Cooper
No Regrets For Our Youth
Salakapakka Sound System

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11 years ago

Your podcast makes taking my sons to hockey games bearable. They are huge fans, I am usually bored out of my mind. Listening to Leo Allen talk about looking up serial killers on wikipedia made me burst out laughing in the middle of a stadium (arena? like I said, not a fan) full of hockey nuts. Thank you!!

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