Remembering Mike Cho


Episode #SRE001

Date November 26, 2020

Run Time 28:47

A Classic RISK! Singles episode. This week, we celebrate the life of our dear friend Mike Cho, a brilliant and beloved member of the NYC storytelling scene. This Thanksgiving, we are grateful to have known Mike, who passed away last week. Here are two stories he shared on RISK! that paint a portrait of what a wonderful individual he was.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Live Story: The Thing You Think Is Supposed To Happen by Mike Cho

Interstitial: Excerpts from Harold and Maude featuring Cat Stevens

Live Story: Marathon Man by Mike Cho



Download: MP3

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Your Name
3 years ago

Both his stories are so touching, thinking of Michael today even though I did not know him…. it does not matter. May he rest easy.

3 years ago

Great stories, the whispered outro was very poignant. Thank you

3 years ago

Sad to hear of Michael’s passing. Both his stories are ones that stuck in my mind. Marathon Man especially helped me unstitch what privilege is, and taught me the terms “racial fetishisation”, “exoticism” and “disposability”. I could finally define my feelings I had as a young black man living in a white majority. My discomfort at the role I was at times expected of me, and being a prop to someone else’s fetish. Michael’s words give a context, and explanation for these feelings.

Michael I know you will be missed by many. I hope you understood the impact of your words that where felt on the other side of the globe.

Condolences to family and friends.
Rest In Peace Michael

3 years ago

I went out to see Mike run the marathon and it was so packed and I was having such a hard time locating him through the sea of runners that I was so worried he passed me without me knowing. I was about to give up when suddenly I heard a familiar voice shout my name and there he was. He flew past me like a jet, but I still have that memory of him waving back at me, almost as if time slowed down for just that brief moment. I was so proud of him. He worked so hard and achieved his goal. He even got me running a little. I asked him for a lot of advice when I started and now I run in his memory. I miss him every single day. Thank you for this.

3 years ago

What a beautiful man. I remember both his stories clearly, so powerful. Tremendously sorry for him, and his family and friends. Thanks for the tribute.

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