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  • Episode:#1004
  • Date:October 30, 2018
  • Run Time:1:33:26
  • Download: MP3

Scary Stories 10: Gadzooks!

Sam Mullins, Ryan Estrada, Kelly Cupell, Ian Steffe and Moloch Masters share stories on our 10th Halloween Special.

Song: Halloween Risk Theme by Jeff Barr and Colin Clive

Song: Boo! Bitch! by Kim Petras

Live Story: The Driving Dead by Sam Mullins

Interstitial: For Internal Use Only by MetroVancouver

Radio Story: Plagued by Ryan Estrada

Song: The Boogie Monster by Gnarls Barkley

Live Story: The Hot Springs Horror by Kelly Cupell

Song: Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell

Live Story: Ghost Dad by Ian Steffe

Interstitial: Pumpkin Splice by JJ Evans

Radio Story: Paralyzed by Moloch Masters

Song: Crosseyed and Painless by Talking Heads

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  1. In the final hosting segment, I mention to the listeners that they should look up sleep paralysis. This is a temporary condition where a person in bed finds themselves suddenly physically paralyzed — unable to move a muscle. Oftentimes, the person experiencing the paralysis will have the sensation that their body is being suffocated or crushed by an enormous weight. Then, there is a period of extremely intense, vivid and anxiety-based hallucination — as if the person has overdosed on a bad batch of LSD. Then it all fades and the person is able to get out of bed and have a sober perspective of reality. – Kevin

  2. Great stories. Moloch, your story gave me goosebumps on my entire body! Thank you again for sharing your life with us RISK! listeners.

  3. Thank you Tammy!

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