Scary Stories #13: Bloodcurdling!


Episode #1303

Date October 26, 2021

Run Time 1:01:39

Our annual Halloween special filled with scary true stories, spooky songs and frightful surprises.

Song: The Long Pit of Burning Worms by Jeff Barr

Song: Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand

Radio Anecdote: Who’s Calling? by Amalie

Interstitial: Etta’s Scary Story by JJ Evans

Radio Anecdote: Daughter by Juliette Steele

Interstitial: The Deadly Fish by Vincent Price

Live Story: Doppelgänger by Mark Campbell

Song: HorrorLand by Pogo

Song: Night Electricity Theme by Dean Hurley

Radio Anecdote: Haunted Serenade by Leila Sami, music by John LaSala

Interstitial: They’re Here, Johnny! by Jeff Barr

Radio Anecdote: The Cool Kids by Adam Selbst

Song: They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! by Sufjan Stevens

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