Scary Stories #3: Ack!


Episode #406

Date November 09, 2012

Run Time 46:39

R. Ben Garant, Susan Kent and Matt Mercier share stories that go “Boo!” in the second episode of our 2012 Double Feature of Terror.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Drip Drip Drip by Weirdomusic 

Radio Story: A Fall in the House of Poe by Matt Mercier

Song: Killer (David Crabb Remix) by Automatic Arms

Radio Story: If These Walls Could Talk by Susan Kent

Song: Igor’s Revenge by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

Live Story: When Things Go Bump in the Night by R. Ben Garant

Song: Sun Goes Down by The Futureheads


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11 years ago

“If These Walls Could Talk” caused me to silently weep in fear. Also, I agree that getting sexed by a ghost would be better than getting sexed by old people. Great show! Cheers!

11 years ago

I can’t figure out which drug the old folks gave Ben & his wife, but I bet there’s a DVD somewhere in that B&B that would explain how the gum got stuck to the wall.

11 years ago

Big Fan, from day 1. The best story in this weeks podcast was also possibly one of the hardest one to listen too. Mr Ben Grant used the word,”LIKE” like, like so many times, like it drove me up the wall, like insane like.

Towards the end I didn’t even care what the story was about, cause all I kept hearing was how many times he said “Like”. Sorry..I guess that’s a peeve of mine, people who when telling stories can’t go 5 words without saying the word, “like”.

Still a great story…for the love of meatballs…don’t go raping a great story with “Ums” and “Likes”

Robert Ben Garant
11 years ago

Wow, you’re right about the ‘likes.’ Jesus. My bad. I don’t speak in public very much… I don’t actually talk At All very much. I think much better on paper.

Kevin Allison
11 years ago

We do like, um and conjunction trimming where we can, but live performances include echo and audience sound, so it’s tricky. More importantly, we make a point of including folks on the show who don’t work with a mic on stage on a regular basis — even people who have never been on stage ever — because it’s about people and stories, not stand-uppy polish. So dammit Blake, you’ll take like and you’ll like like. 🙂

10 years ago

I didn’t notice the overuse of ‘like’ in the slightest during Garant’s piece. Get a hobby Blake.

7 years ago

Ben Garant is an amazing story teller. Blake raped himself with poor punctuation and spelling.

6 years ago

I read the comment about the “likes” and “ums” so I was waiting to be annoyed but it never happened. I thought Ben’s story was done really well. Great stories all around. 🙂

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