Scary Stories #7: Argh!


Episode #706

Date November 09, 2015

Run Time 57:46

Myka Fox, Carrie Poppy, Marshall York and Thomas McKean tell more spooky tales.

Song: RISK Halloween Theme by Jeff Barr

Song: Nightmare by Artie Shaw

Live Story: Hitchin’ It! by Myka Fox

Interstitial: The Hitchhiker (excerpt) by David Gallic and Alexander Harrison Jacobs

Radio Story: The Thing by Thomas McKean

Song: Fear by Sarah McLachlan

Live Story: It Follows by Carrie Poppy

Interstitial: It Follows Carrie Poppy by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: Whisper to a Scream by Marshall York

Song: Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) by The Icicle Works


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8 years ago

Come back to Denver !!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago

I appreciated that these two Halloween episodes didn’t completely eschew skepticism/rationality. Still, it bears pointing out that a lot of seemingly-supernatural middle-of-the-night experiences can be explained as hypnopompic hallucination and/or waking consciousness emerging slightly before REM sleep paralysis has fully subsided. I wonder if the “supernatural bedtime experience” stories would be so common if people had a better understanding of the basics of how sleep and dreaming work. That said, those stories are still enjoyable if you can suspend your disbelief.

Otherwise, Marshall York’s voice was pretty damn sexy (he should seriously consider getting into professional audio narration if he hasn’t already), and the end of episode Easter egg was really funny. So, good fun episode. Thanks as always to Kevin, the storytellers, and everyone else involved in making the show happen!

Reid Plombon
8 years ago

The photo looks like Denis Leary, The Wonder Years.

8 years ago

Yeah, The Thing could be explained by sleep paralysis but how strange that he had seen it before, awake, and another person confirmed it. Spooky!!

8 years ago

What is the music that comes on right after the hitchin’ song?

Jeff-RISK editor
8 years ago

The sound design for Thomas’ story consisted mainly of the 1979 Alien soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith.

8 years ago

Be it sleep paralysis or some kind of a metaphor, The Thing was interesting either way. But what I really want to know is “does he like ginger bears?”

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