Episode #929

Date April 30, 2018

Run Time 1:08:39

Gastor Almonte, Beowulf Jones and Tracy Rowland share stories about the birds and the bees, the wrong place to masturbate, and taking risky leaps.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Grazing in the Grass by Hugh Masekela

Live Story: Continuing Education by Gastor Almonte

Interstitial: And Now You Know by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Louisiana Kitchen by Beowulf Jones

Song: Wah-Wah by George Harrison

Live Story: The Leap by Tracy Rowland

Song: One Big Love by Patty Griffin



Download: MP3

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6 years ago

The Interstitial was specifically clips of a 1970s instructional film for mentally disabled teenage girls called “Pink Slip” to help them understand menstruation, that is why it is so repetitive.

Kristie Harris
6 years ago

Beowulf Jones’ story, Louisiana Kitchen, resonated on such a personal level with me- not because I’ve been traumatized by a strange man masturbating in my face, but because I’ve had to explain why I’ve been traumatized by an event that most people considered insignificant. I also enjoyed that Mr. Jones related the story in a way that was both humorous and serious. It’s as if he purposefully told the story in such a way that evoked conflicting emotions- we weren’t sure if we should laugh- which highlighted his comments on humor being subjective, and on jokes about situations that just aren’t funny.
Simple on the surface, but filled with layers of context and meaning. Love stories like this. Thanks Mr. Jones.

6 years ago

Maybe the man in Popeyes was a “Honey Boo Boo” fan. When Mama June said biscuit, it meant pussy.

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